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6 US Marines Charged with Assaulting Iraqi Civilians


The U.S. military has filed charges against six Marines accused of assaulting Iraqi civilians in the Iraqi town Hamdania.

The men, charged Thursday, are being held in a military jail at Camp Pendleton, a Marine base in southern California. The alleged assaults occurred April 10.

Three of the Marines charged are also accused of involvement in a separate case, the killing of an Iraqi civilian April 26, also in Hamdania. Five other Marines are also charged with that crime.

Thursday's assault case is the latest in charges of violence by U.S. servicemen against Iraqi civilians.

The military is investigating allegations that U.S. Marines killed 24 Iraqis in the town of Haditha, while four U.S. Army soldiers have been charged in the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl. Those soldiers are also charged with killing three members of her family.