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India's Singh Urges Pakistan to Stop Cross-Border Militant Attacks


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh again has urged Pakistan to fulfill its promise to stop militant attacks originating from its territory.

Mr. Singh made the appeal in a national address this Tuesday morning in New Delhi marking the country's 59th Independence Day.

The prime minister urged Pakistan to take "concrete steps" to crack down on cross-border militancy or lose Indian public support for the peace process.

Mr. Singh said India has taken several steps to build trust with Pakistan, but he said the initiatives require an atmosphere of peace.

In Islamabad, Pakistan's foreign ministry spokeswoman said terrorist attacks in India should not affect the peace process between the two neighbors. She said Pakistan is committed to fighting terrorism and both sides should sincerely resolve their disputes.

Indian officials have blamed a Pakistan-based militant group for last month's train bombings in Mumbai (also known as Bombay), which killed more than 180 people. Pakistan has denied any role in the attacks.

Indian authorities have tightened security in New Delhi and other major cities to the highest level to prevent militant groups from disrupting today's festivities. Thousands of Indian police armed with automatic weapons are patrolling the capital, checking cars and guarding government buildings.