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World Food Program to Distribute Aid to North Korea Flood Victims

The World Food Program says North Korea has agreed to accept food aid for victims of recent flooding.

The United Nations agency said Friday it will also consider any further requests from Pyongyang for support.

Program officials said some 13,000 people in North Korea's Songchon county will receive 30-day rations of flour and vegetable oil. Located some 80-kilometers northeast of Pyongyang, the county was battered by heavy rains and landslides.

Red Cross officials from North and South Korea will hold talks Saturday to discuss relief efforts after the flooding in North Korea killed hundreds of people.

Last week, South Korea announced it will provide a one time grant of more than $10-million of support to independent aid groups helping flood victims in North Korea.

Afterward, North Korea made a rare public announcement that hundreds of people were dead or missing, and tens of thousands of buildings were destroyed.

A South Korean Red Cross official, who asked not to be named, said three Red Cross representatives are in Pyongyang now to calculate the damage caused by a typhoon and heavy monsoon rains in early July.

The Red Cross says an estimate by a private South Korean charity named Good Friends is way too high. Good Friends said Wednesday that its sources in North Korea report nearly 55,000 people are dead or missing from the floods.