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Judges Rule Calderon Won Mexican Presidential Election

Mexico's top electoral court has officially declared conservative Felipe Calderon the winner of the nation's hotly contested presidential election.

In a statement released Tuesday, the country's Federal Electoral Tribunal said Calderon won the most votes in the July 2 election, narrowly beating leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Under Mexican law, the tribunal's ruling cannot be appealed.

Lopez Obrador and his supporters had challenged the preliminary results. They claimed massive voter fraud, and have vowed not to concede defeat.

The election and claims of fraud have divided Mexico. They represent a serious challenge to the country's fledgling democracy, just six years after President Vicente Fox's dramatic victory ended decades of one-party rule.

Lopez Obrador's supporters have camped out in the capital's historic Zocalo square for weeks. The leftist leader says he intends to establish a parallel government. He is calling for a big turnout at a rally to endorse his plan on September 16, Mexico's Independence Day.

Mexico's new president will take office December first, when Vicente Fox steps down at the end of his six-year term.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.