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Ivory Coast Political Rivals Discuss Stalled Peace Process


Political rivals in the Ivory Coast have met to discuss the country's stalled peace process.

Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny said Tuesday's talks did not have a formal agenda. Among those at the meeting were rebel leader Guillaume Soro, opposition member Allassane Ouattara and former President Henri Konan Bedie.

The officials were expected to discuss delays in the country's presidential election, including a dispute over voter registration.

The United Nations criticized Ivorian leaders last month for lacking the political will to make the elections happen. The U.N. has announced that the country will not likely make an October 31 deadline for elections.

President Laurent Gbagbo has said his government will stay in power until the new elections are organized. The opposition opposes any extension of the president's mandate.

The U.N. is overseeing a peace process aimed at reuniting rebel and government-held areas that split after a 2002 civil war.