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New Ivory Coast Government Named

Ivory Coast's prime minister has announced a new government Saturday after he dismissed his previous cabinet over a scandal in which hundreds of tons of toxic waste were dumped illegally in the biggest city of Abidjan.

Ivory Coast's Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny dropped only two ministers from the new cabinet, despite firing the entire government ten days ago.

The ministers of transport and environment were the only ones not asked to return. Instead, Mr. Banny named four new ministers in addition to the two replacements.

The new Environment Minister Ayizi Aka said the government is determined to tackle the controversial dumping of toxic waste problem.

The prime minister had dismissed his government, when it came to light over four hundred tons of hazardous waste brought in from the Netherlands had been dumped at around a dozen open sites across Abidjan, many close to residential districts.

At least six people have died and over 25,000 people have come forward for treatment as a result of inhaling the dangerous fumes.

On Friday, the former transport minister was pulled out of his car by angry protestors, beaten seriously, and set fire to his car. Not far away, demonstrators also attacked the house of the director of the Abidjan's port.

After the new cabinet's first meeting, Prime Minister Banny thanked the Ivorian people for sticking together in such difficult times.