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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Accepts Popes Apology

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says Pope Benedict's XVI comments Sunday in Rome amount to a sufficient apology for his earlier remark about Islam.

A top official of the banned but tolerated Brotherhood, Muhammad Habib said in Cairo he considers the pope's new statement a retraction. He said the group still hopes the pope will explain his views about Islam.

In the Palestinian territories, the ruling Hamas government has condemned attacks by Muslims on Christian churches.

Speaking in Gaza, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Christians are part of the Palestinian people.

Earlier today, two more churches in the West Bank were set on fire in apparent retaliation for the pope's remarks.

In Qom, Iran, several hundred theology students protested against the pope's remarks.

But Turkey's foreign minister Abdullah Gul said Turkey still plans to host the pope in November.

In Regensburg, Germany, on Wednesday, the pope quoted from a 14th century Byzantine emperor who apparently said that some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad brought evil and inhuman things to the world.

On Thursday, a senior Turkish cleric said the pope had hate in his heart and should reconsider the visit to Turkey.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.