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Diaspora News: "African Spectrum"


As we continue our series on African news periodicals in the Diaspora, today we take of look at the contributions of African immigrants to the mass media industry. Some African immigrants in the United States have created newspapers that cover news about the African continent. The Chicago-based African Spectrum is one such publication.

Berko Owuso is the Ghanaian-born editor and publisher of the paper. He told VOA English to Africa Service reporter Francis Niba, “We created this newspaper because of the lack of publicity that we get as Africans in the major media here in the USA.”

Owuso says there is a need for Africans to create and own their own media in the United States.

“Every time we read papers and read about Africa, there is always something derogatory; we know nobody writes anything good about us,” he said.

The Spectrum, created nine years ago by Berko and his wife Pauline, is one of many newspapers in the United States serving the African immigrant community. You can learn more by going to its website:

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