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13 Killed in Attacks on NATO, Afghan Troops in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber has blown himself up next to a NATO convoy in Kabul, wounding three soldiers and three civilians. Thirteen people were killed in other incidents in Afghanistan.

Officials say the suicide bomber ran in front of the military convoy in eastern Kabul.

Elsewhere, three Afghan soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in the eastern Paktia province, where they were patrolling a remote mountain pass.

In the southern province of Helmand, ambushes and clashes on Sunday left 10 people dead, including five civilians.

The civilians were killed when their vehicle hit a freshly planted mine on a road usually used by NATO and Afghan security forces in Helmand's Musa Qala district.

In the same district, British NATO troops announced an agreement with tribal elders aimed at ending Taleban attacks.

A NATO spokesman says under the agreement, the elders will use their influence to press Taleban to stop their attacks. The soldiers will not withdraw.