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UN Says Eritrea Releases Arrested Staffer

The United Nations says Eritrea has released a U.N. employee it arrested more than a month ago.

A statement from the U.N. mission on the Eritrean-Ethiopian border says Eritrean authorities handed over the staffer to U.N. officials Wednesday.

The statement says the man appears to be in good spirits and is undergoing a medical evaluation.

Eritrean media previously identified the man as Redis Sinebo from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Eritrean reports said he was arrested August 28 while smuggling eight Eritrean youths to the Ethiopian town of Adigrat.

The U.N. mission said Wednesday it will continue to cooperate with Eritrea's government in the investigation of the case.

The U.N. mission watches the tense boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The two countries fought a border war between 1998 and 2000 that killed some 70,000 people.