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UN Security Council Passes Resolution Sanctioning North Korea

The U.N. Security Council has unanimously passed resolution imposing sanctions on North Korea for conducting an apparent nuclear test.

The vote came less than a week after North Korea announced it had set off a nuclear device underground.

The resolution includes economic and weapons sanctions against North Korea, including a travel ban and financial restrictions. It specifically rules out the use of force in what is seen as a concession to China and Russia.

Earlier today, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said some technical changes to the draft resolution had been made. Diplomats said the issue of cargo inspections had been a sticking point.

In related news, South Korea and Japan have said they have not detected any radioactivity to confirm North Korea's claim that it conducted an underground nuclear test Monday.

Late Friday, unnamed U.S. officials said U.S. aircraft had detected traces of radiation in air samples collected near the suspected North Korea test site. But they stressed no final determination had been made.

North Korea is threatening to carry out more nuclear tests. Pyongyang has said it would regard any tough new sanctions as a declaration of war.

Meanwhile, Russian news agencies quote Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov as saying that any U.N. sanctions should be withdrawn if North Korea agrees to return to six-party talks on its nuclear program.

In Washington, President Bush signed a law allowing the United States to impose sanctions on any foreigner who provides weapons technology to North Korea.