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Regional Business Development Center to Operate in Namibia

In Namibia, a regional center for African business development will soon become operational. It’s a joint venture between Namibia’s International University of Management (IUM), Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU), and the Association of Business Executives (ABE). The Metropolitan University and the Association of Business Executives are located in Britain. The association, known as “Leeds-Met,” hopes to support sustainable economic development on the continent.

Steve Parkinson is the LMU’s pro-vice chancellor and dean of Leeds’ Business School. He spoke with VOA English to Africa reporter Angel Tabe about what the business center could expect from the partnership.

“The partnership is to support the development of management skills, help the university develop its own basis core…encourage both enterprise and economy; we are putting in place a practical center that can provide help in improving enterprise skills. It will also support management development programs and sustainable tourism.”

Parkinson says they were able to locate the business center in Namibia through a longtime relationship with the ABE, which has carried out successful management training programs there. The Metropolitan University official says the program will also benefit petty vendors like roadside salespeople. And he says the program incorporates other beneficial activities.

“In our partner university, there is a center for HIV management and we think that our colleagues will bring in their health management skills. Also, one thing we are looking forward to is bringing colleagues from the UK to parts of the world, where they can contribute to Leeds-Met Africa. Part of our role is to share knowledge, learn from our colleagues in Namibia and input this into our teaching and research agenda in the UK.”

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