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Ghana to Send More Troops to Lebanon

Ghana has agreed to a U.N. request to contribute more troops to the peacekeeping force in Lebanon. The West African nation already has 700 soldiers serving in Southern Lebanon, where the security situation remains volatile.

Colonel Emmanuel Nibo, a spokesman for Ghana's military, says a 200-member contingent will leave for Southern Lebanon by the end of November.

"They would have to be deployed with some equipment. So, we are trying to assemble some of those equipments, so they can go," he said.

Colonel Nibo says other troops will be leaving sooner as part of the regular rotation of troops.

The military spokesman says Ghana benefits from participating in peacekeeping.

"Apart from our commitment to the United Nations Charter, for the Ghanaian troops, it is also a training ground, which gives a lot of experience. You mix with other countries, you see a lot of other equipment, then you interact. So, you acquire new skills and experience," he said.

The Ghana military has been in Southern Lebanon since 1979. During the recent conflict between Israel and Hezbollah guerillas in southern Lebanon, four Ghanaian soldiers were injured.

Ghana, the fourth largest contributor to international peacekeeping, has been in peacekeeping for over 45 years.