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Swazi MP Asks Government And Parliament To Resign

In Swaziland, a member of parliament is calling on both the government and parliament to resign for failing to address what he says are the country’s numerous problems. Marwick Khumalo says the government made so many promises to the people but has yet to deliver. At the same time, he says parliament has become a mere rubber stamp for the government.

Marwick Khumalo spoke with VOA English to reporter Peter Clottey about his call for both the government and parliament to resign.

“This transpired during a debate on a statement that was presented by the minister of finance. So basically, I was questioning the fact that everything that the government has promised to do or the things that they are supposed to do, for instance there is the issue of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank and the ADB (African development Bank). All of them have told Swaziland that, it is way beyond acceptable international standards to take 52% of the country’s revenue for the payment of the civil servant salary. All reports have told us that, that is incorrect. We need to normalize the situation but nothing has been done about it. And this is actually hitting so hard at our economy. So there are many other issues really which I raised during that particular day. But then nothing has been done, hence I call for the change of government to say look, you have failed to deliver and its just about time to leave,” he noted.

Khumalo says parliament should also be dissolved because it just acts as a rubber stamp for the government instead of acting as a balance.

“I called for the dissolution of parliament even much earlier because there was an issue surrounding the amount of fifty million (dollars). I serve in the fiancé committee myself but when we were debating that supplementary expenditure, in the finance committee, we recommended to parliament that parliament should not approve should not approve it…but parliament voted against the advice of the finance committee. What happened? The fifty million was squandered within two weeks. Now it has become a subject issue of the commission of inquiry…. That is why we all deserve to go,” he said.

He explains why his call for the resignation of the government and the dissolution of parliament seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

“Well there is very little you can do because even if I were to right now move a motion formally that we pass a vote of no confidence on the government. Let me tell you, I can make that attempt but I am not sure, I doubt, actually I know that motion will not prevail,” he said.

Khumalo continues, ”It’s because it is not easy for people to leave government even if they are underperforming. People will still want to hang in there. That’s basically the nature which largely in African politics,” he said.

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