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Pollster: Democrats Likely to Gain in US Congressional Elections


With U.S. midterm Congressional elections just two weeks away, pollsters are trying to determine how Americans are likely to vote. Well-known pollster, John Zogby, says many races are close, but Democrats are likely to make significant gains.

John Zogby, who heads the well-known Zogby International polling company, has been surveying voters across the United States in the run up to the November 7 elections.

He says if the election was held today, Democrats would likely gain between 25 and 30 seats in the House of Representatives and four in the Senate. That would give them a majority in the House, but not in the Senate.

Zogby says 15 to 20 percent of voters, many of whom identify themselves as Republicans, are still undecided.

"There is still the potential for fluidity here," he said. "However there is no question about the fact the Republicans find themselves severely wounded right now."

Zogby added that there is the potential for very low voter turnout at the election and polls are not showing a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Democratic voters.

"Whoever votes gets to determine the future," he added. "But it is hard to say the American people find this election significant if 39 or 40 percent of the voters turn out to vote."

He says Hispanic voters, who have been turning out at the polls in growing numbers, will likely play an important part in the election.

He also says polls are suggesting Arab and Muslim Americans will vote heavily Democratic.

"Arab Americans in general, Christians and Muslims, are giving Democrats overwhelming support in the gubernatorial [races for governor] and senate races in Michigan, in Ohio, in Pennsylvania and in Florida," he noted.

Zogby stressed it is impossible to make a definitive prediction about the upcoming election at this time. He says many undecided voters do not seriously consider who they will vote for until the final days before the election.