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First Results of US Polling Trickle In


The earliest, unofficial results are in for several U.S. election races.

On the Senate side, projections indicate an easy re-election of one Republican and one Democrat. An independent candidate, who has pledged to to vote on Democratic lines, is also projected to win a Senate seat.

Democrats and independents would need to win 24 Senate seats Tuesday to gain control of the Senate. The Republicans need to win 10 seats to retain their majority position.

On the House of Representative side, projections from races in several U.S. states show no breakthrough trend in the race for control of the House of Representatives.

All 435 House seats are open, while one third of the Senate, or 33 seats are being contested.

Another independent candidate running for a Senate seat has said that if he wins, he, too, will vote with the Democratic Party.

Republicans need only 50 of the one hundred Senate seats to stay in control, because the Vice President, currently the Republican Dick Cheney, serves as president of the body and can cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.

Some information for this report provided by AP.