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Jewish Groups Sees Rise in Anti-Semitism in Europe

The World Jewish Congress reported Sunday anti-Semitic attacks in Europe have surged since the July/August clashes between Israel and the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon. Findings were announced during a conference in Paris.

One of the steepest hikes in recent anti-Semitic attacks has occurred in France, home to the largest Jewish community in Western Europe. According to the Paris-based World Jewish Congress, France has witnessed a stunning 79 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks since July, when clashes between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia began.

The group says attacks against Jews also climbed in Britain and other parts of Europe. The findings were announced during a day long meeting, which brought together 100 Jewish leaders from around the world, along with European politicians and leaders from other faiths.

France's Grand Rabbi Joseph Sitruk said rising anti-Semitism was evident in everyday life.

In remarks on French radio, Sitruk described a climate of anti-Semitism in France. He said today, a Jew on the street doesn't feel as secure as a few years ago, and that's symptomatic of a real crisis.

Leaders from different religious communities attending the conference said they would try to work together and change that climate. Among those who attended Sunday's gathering was Dalil Boubakeur, head of the Paris Mosque.

Both Jews and Muslims are victims of racism, Boubakeur told Radio France. There are no more synagogues being burned in France today than mosques.