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Swaziland: Cabinet Must Resign


In Swaziland, the former minister of health and social welfare Mfomfo Nkhambule is calling for the immediate resignation of cabinet for what he calls its failure to discharge its duties. This followed reports of an alleged planned overthrow of the kingdom’s monarch by some mercenaries aligned with the banned opposition People’s United Movement (PUDEMO). Nkhambule said cabinet should have been the first to issue a statement with regard to the planned attack on the kingdom to warn Swazis of the intended attack.

Nkhambule talked about his call for the Swazi cabinet to resign.

“Basically under the new dispensation, we are expecting a very good leadership despite the fact that not much has changed since the coming into effect of the new constitution. But it does allow for the people to speak freely, and I think it has come to a time when the people in leadership start showing signs of maturity,” he said.

Nkhambule said by if the leadership show maturity and lead the people, as they should, Swazi’s would be confident and hopeful in the administration.

“Showing some maturity and taking the next stride so that at least we can have confidence in being Swazis and in having people at the top who can take us to the new age. We could not afford to have a cabinet that would be afraid to assume leadership,” Nkhambule noted.

He said while in cabinet he realized there were more problems than solutions. He accused some of his former colleagues of not having the interest of the people at heart.

“Whiles I was serving in cabinet, I realized that we were having more problems and the present set up, we were not getting any solutions. People were not making contributions towards the welfare of the masses,” he said.

Nkhambule said he had no freedom to be himself since he was part of cabinet and had to be a team player rather than speak his mind as he is doing presently.

“Unfortunately, being part of the cabinet, they had taken my freedom to express my ideas because I was part of a team so I had to support the team. But now that I have regained my freedom, its about time that I exposed the weaknesses because at the end of it all, it is going to be the majority of the people that are suffering and who wants to be relieved of these problems, “ he said.

Nkhambule denied having a personal grudge against Prime Minister Themba Dlamini but criticized him for not upholding the rule of law.

“I don’t have any problems with him, but if there is anything I don’t like about this Prime Minister it is his failing to uphold the rule of law… right now we have a constitution, ever since this constitution was established, this government has violated it in a number of ways under his leadership and nothing is been done about it. I cannot fold my hands like the masses as if there is nothing when they should be saying something,” he said.

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