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Bush to Change Iraq Policy Within 'Weeks'

A senior White House official says President Bush will make changes to his Iraq policy in "weeks, rather than months."

The president's national security adviser Stephen Hadley spoke to reporters Thursday as Mr. Bush was returning to Washington after talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Jordan.

Earlier, at a joint news conference with Mr. Maliki in Amman, President Bush said U.S. troops will remain in Iraq until their mission is complete, and as along as the Iraqi government wants them there.

In Washington, a bipartisan U.S. panel -- Iraq Study Group -- is preparing to announce its recommendations next Wednesday.

U.S. media say the group will recommend a gradual pullback of U.S. troops and shifting U.S. forces from combat to support operations.

In Jordan, Mr. Maliki told the American television network ABC that Iraqi forces will be ready to take control of security by June next year.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, more than 75 bodies -- all believed to be victims of sectarian violence -- were found Thursday in mass graves in Baghdad and near the troubled city of Baquba, north of the capital.