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Lebanon's PM Calls on Hezbollah to End Demonstrations


Lebanon's prime minister is calling on the Hezbollah-led opposition to abandon their demonstrations and agree to negotiations to resolve the current government crisis.

Prime Minister Fuad Siniora was speaking Wednesday to a group of supporters as protests in Beirut by the Shi'ite militia and its allies entered a sixth day.

The Hezbollah-led parties are calling on Mr. Siniora to resign in favor of a unity government. Mr. Siniora is refusing to step down.

The prime minister said demonstrations will not solve Lebanon's problems.

There have been nightly clashes between Sunni supporters of the government and Shi'ite demonstrators who support the pro-Syrian Hezbollah.

On Sunday, a Shi'ite protester was killed during a clash with Sunnis in a Sunni neighborhood of the capital.

Beirut remains on edge following the funeral Tuesday of the dead protester, Ahmed Mahmoud.

Troops and armored cars have taken up positions in parts of the capital to prevent new violence.

Also on Tuesday, Lebanon's army commander warned that the massive anti-government protests could spin out of control.

Thousands of Hezbollah-led, anti-government protesters have camped out in downtown Beirut since Friday. They are demanding one third of the cabinet seats in a new government, and effective veto power.