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African-American Artist Uses Natural Fibers For His Work

An African artist is creating his art in the United States. Tanzanian-born Hussein Said lives in suburban Washington. He says as an African, it’s a challenge doing art in America. He told English to Africa reporter Francois Nsengiyumva that he works with acrylic paints, but also with natural fibers including banana bark. The one place he can find it is in the Everglades of Florida, the home of many Spanish-speaking small farmers. He says, “It is a little tricky because sometimes farmers don’t allow me to go to their farm to pick what I want.” Hussein says this is his fourth year he has been supporting himself with the sale of his art . He says he meets his customers at jewelry “fine arts shows” around the United States, very much like the one he was at when he talked with Francois. An exhibit of Hussein Said’s work can currently be seen at the African-American Museum in Philadelphia.

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