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Kenya's Main Opposition ODM-Kenya to name Presidential Candidate Soon

In Kenya, the main opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM-Kenya) says it will announce its presidential candidate for next year’s election in April next year. This comes after the party’s presidential hopefuls resolved to bury their differences and agreed that the presidential candidate would be chosen by 350 thousand delegates countrywide. Once chosen, the ODM-Kenya candidate would face President Kibaki in next year's election.

William Ruto is a leading member (ODM- Kenya). He said the final decision has been made and enhances the unity in the party.

“The nomination rules are ready and were finally approved today by the cabinet, and members of ODM are going to elect a college and the college would be fifty persons elected at every sub-location in the country and we have a total of seven thousand sub-locations in the country at which fifty people will be elected by the general membership of ODM,” he said.

Ruto continued, “The fifty people would eventually vote for the candidate that will present themselves. We are envisaging a college of 350 thousand people,” he said.

Ruto said ODM- Kenya is moving in the right direction by agreeing on the thorny issues and would silence the party’s critics.

“Many of our supporters and critics have been asking us to come up with a democratic and a fair and transparent process of arriving at a presidential candidate. I think that is a hurdle we have now surmounted and we are preparing now to nominate a candidate that is going to fight it out with candidates of other political parties,” Ruto noted.

He said ODM is determined to put its plan in action, which he said would make the party the obvious choice in the next general elections.

“We intend to carry out this exercise between April and June next year. So we have four months to put this on the ground and action it. It is our belief that this exercise will elevate the status of ODM and would eclipse any opposition that will come from the government party at the moment,” he said.

Ruto accused the government of trying to meddle in the affairs of ODM but assured members that such machinations would fail.

“We are in court and we have spent the whole day today in court. We will again be in court tomorrow (Wednesday) morning basically to try and eject persons who are registered illegally by government as officials of KANU in an attempt to try and scuttle the ODM,” he said