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The Busiest Shopping Day of the Season Still to Come

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is often described as the busiest shopping day of the year. But according to the International Council of Shopping Centers, the top shopping day of the year is still to come. VOA's Mil Arcega reports.

It's that time of the year again: for bright decorations and holiday tunes…

But behind the festive lights and the joyful themes - lies the awful truth: For many shoppers, the Christmas holidays are the most stressful time of the year.

And it's not just finding a place to park, the huge crowds…or the endless list of things to do… for some it's the last minute search to find the perfect gift.

Which almost always costs more than you want to spend...But there are those who revel in the mad rush for last minute presents.

And some department stores are more than willing to accommodate them. This Macy's store in New York City is staying open 24 hours a day for the last five days before Christmas.

Retail analyst Howard Davidowitz believes it may be a sign of things to come. "Many shoppers, believe it or not, will go out crazy hours to avoid the crowds so it will be a real convenience for many people."

Analysts say retailers are going all out to attract last minute shoppers. The National Retail Federation estimates American consumers will spend about $457 billion this year, most of it, on the waning days before Christmas.

And unofficially, the second most stressful day of the year, according to some shoppers, is when the credit card statements arrive.