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Music for Darfur Inspires Faith, Fortitude

This feature series on Africa News Tonight is on the continuing human crisis in Darfur. Activists and protesters worldwide are trying to influence policy relating to the situation. A group of them held a demonstration recently at the Sudanese embassy in Washington. This story is on music performed at the rally, written to raise awareness about the situation.

A group of singers gave their rendition of two songs written for Darfur. The first one is called “I Feel Like Going On.”

(Click on “I Feel Like Going On” on mp3 or real audio at the top of this article)

The title of the second song is “Hold On.” The lyrics include the words, “everything will be all right.” The group encouraged the members of the audience to sing along and you’ll hear one of the singers prompting them with the lyrics.

(Click on "Hold On" on mp3 or real audio at the top of this article)

The next story in our Darfur Series on violence against women on Africa News Tonight features a prominent American working on behalf of the people of Darfur. He speaks of what he calls effective measures to stop the genocide.