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Sydney Prepares For 'World's Biggest Fireworks Display'

One million people are expected to cram onto the Sydney Harbor shore in Australia for the city's glittering New Year's Eve fireworks display. Organizers of the event have promised the world's biggest pyrotechnics show. The weather forecast, however, is not good, with showers and possible thunderstorms expected. From Sydney, Phil Mercer has more.

Three-thousand kilograms of fireworks will light up the sky over Sydney Harbor New Year's Eve. City officials have promised revelers "the greatest pyrotechnics display on Earth." This is a sophisticated business. A bank of computers will make sure the explosive devices are launched from barges in the harbor and its famous bridge in the proper order.

There will be two major performances - one at 9 p.m. that is designed for families and then the blockbuster show at midnight.

But rain showers and possible thunderstorms are forecast with temperatures in Sydney reaching only 22 degrees (Celsius). While this inclement weather could dampen the glittering celebration, many Australians in Sydney still have big hopes for the year 2007.

"Poverty worldwide is decreased, that my health stays good and I'm able to enjoy my life with my family and friends," says a women.

"Peace between the nations, love for your neighbor, tolerance," says a man.

"I'd be hoping for a more peaceful world and I would hope that the Israelis and the Palestinians could sort out their differences," says another woman.

"Just a happy life, I guess, just a comfortable, happy life. 2007 will be a good year," says another man.

A million people are expected to attend the fireworks displays in Sydney. The Harbor Bridge will be honored this year as the iconic structure prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Security will be extremely tight. Hundreds of police officers will be on duty with special attention to cracking down on drunken behavior. Official figures have shown that more Australians are assaulted on New Year's Eve than at any other time. Most of the attacks are alcohol-related.