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Gadhafi's Son Says Libya Will Not Execute Medics Sentenced in AIDS Case

The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi says Libya will suspend the execution of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who were sentenced to death last month in an AIDS epidemic case.

Saif al-Islam told a Bulgarian newspaper that Libyan authorities mishandled the case from the very beginning.

A Libyan court convicted the six medics of intentionally infecting more than 400 Libyan children with HIV. The nurses and the doctors say they are not guilty. AIDS experts testified that the children contracted HIV before the medics arrived.

Bulgaria, the European Union and the United States have denounced the verdict and called for Libya to release the medics.

Al-Islam says Bulgaria should help compensate the children's' families. But Bulgaria has refused, saying that to do so would be an admission of guilt.