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Bolivian President Strikes Deal with Miners to End Protest

Bolivian President Evo Morales has reached an agreement with independent miners who marched on the capital of La Paz to protest a planned tax increase.

Mr. Morales announced the deal Wednesday after a lengthy meeting with leaders of the National Federation of Mining Cooperatives, Fencomin, which represents at least 50,000 independent miners.

Under the agreement, the government will invest $10 million to improve conditions in the independent mines.

The miners backed Mr. Morales in his successful 2005 election, but the relationship has been strained since Fencomin members seized a state-run mine in October. The incident sparked two days of violence that left 16 miners dead.

At least 20,000 miners marched on La Paz Tuesday to protest Mr. Morales' plan to sharply increase mining taxes. Protesters shouted slogans, threw dynamite charges and clashed with police. The protests went ahead even though the government announced Monday that it would freeze taxes at their current level until further notice.

Mr. Morales has said he plans to nationalize the country's mining sector.

Some information for this report was provided by AP .