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Liberian President Promises Results From US Aid


Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says Liberians will soon see more tangible results of international efforts to help the country recover from its long civil war.

In a news conference at VOA headquarters in Washington Friday, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf said U.S. aid has already helped to re-establish schools and return farmers to work.

But she said her administration wants to speed up the implementation of various rebuilding projects.

She noted that her administration has been in office only one year. The president said, in the second year, Liberians will see much more.

Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf also expressed concern about unrest in Guinea, saying if the situation there escalates into conflict, refugees could start flowing into Liberia.

The Liberian president held meetings with U.S. officials including President Bush this week. She thanked the U.S. for canceling $391 million in Liberian debt, saying it had prompted other countries such as Germany to do the same.