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Charred Indonesian Ferry Sinks with Investigators on Board


Indonesian officials say a ferry that caught fire last week suddenly tilted and sank off the coast of Jakarta with police, investigators and reporters on board.

At least three people are said to be missing.

The ship was being towed back to port for inspection Sunday, after a deadly fire Thursday.

At least 41 people were killed in the initial accident, and many others are believed missing and possibly dead.

About 300 people were rescued following the blaze. Many of them had jumped from the ship to escape the searing heat.

It is unclear how many people were on board the ferry Thursday as it headed to Bangka island from the capital, Jakarta.

Indonesian ferry manifests are often inaccurate because officials frequently allow more people on board than are legally permitted.

Investigators say the fire may have been started by a truck carrying chemicals on board the ferry.

Some information for this report provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.