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Serbia Detains 4 New Suspects in 1999 Killings of 3 Americans

Serbian prosecutors say authorities have detained four new suspects in connection with the killing of three American brothers of ethnic Albanian origin during the Kosovo conflict.

Serbian news media identify the suspects as former and serving policemen, including the deputy commander of an elite police unit.

Prosecutors linked the men to the executions of the three Bytyqi brothers (Illy, Mehmet and Agron), American citizens who went to Kosovo in 1999 to help ethnic Albanians fighting Yugoslav and Serbian forces in the province.

Serbian authorities arrested the three on charges of illegally entering the country.

Prosecutors say Serbian police later took the brothers away and executed them, dumping their bodies into a mass grave with other ethnic Albanians. The remains were found in 2001.

Two former Serbian policemen are currently on trial for the killings. U.S. authorities have called on Serbia to punish those responsible.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.