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Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 3 in Mainly Shi'ite Neighborhood


Iraqi officials say a car bombing at a busy market at a northern Baghdad market has killed three people.

Authorities say the blast Sunday struck a mainly Shi'ite neighborhood.

Other violence today included a roadside bombing in eastern Baghdad that killed at least one police officer, and a mortar attack that killed one person in central Baghdad. At least one person was killed in an attack in Baghdad's Shorja market.

The US military announced the deaths of least seven American troops on Saturday, including four in a roadside bombing in western Baghdad.

The military says the other deaths were of a soldier in an explosion in Diyala province Saturday, and a Marine in combat in al-Anbar province. It says a soldier also died in a non-combat related incident.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces say they seized a cache of weapons and arrested seven suspects in a raid earlier this month at the home of Dhafir al-Ani, a leading Sunni Arab parliamentarian.

An Iraqi military spokesman says traces of explosives were found in vehicles at the home.

The Reuters news agency says it reached Ani by phone, and he said the charges were fabricated by Shi'ite death squads that had infiltrated the Iraqi security forces. He also charged that six of his guards who were detained were tortured.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.