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Report: Burmese Army Commits Rape and Violence Against Chin Minority

A new report by a women's rights group alleges that the Burmese army has committed large-scale rape and violence against the Chin minority.

The report "Unsafe State: State-sanctioned sexual violence against Chin women in Burma" was released this week, as the country's military government marked Armed Forces Day.

It documents 38 cases of sexual violence against Chin women and girls in five years. It says most of the cases are gang rapes, and some involve officers.

The report published by the Women's League of Chinland, says sexual violence was typically accompanied by extreme brutality. It says some women were severely tortured and others were murdered.

The group's spokeswoman Cheery Zahau alleged that the sexual violence is sanctioned by the state of Burma, and called on India and China to review their relations with its military-led government.

The Women's League of Chinland is also asking India to stop selling arms to Burma's military government because it leads to human rights violations.