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Website of the Week — Lifehacker

Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations.

This time, it's an entertaining, and informative and always-changing site with suggestions on how to make your life — especially the technology-related part of your life - more efficient.

PASH: " is a weblog that posts a lot of tips and tricks, software downloads, a lot of different recommendations of websites designed to save you time and boost your productivity."

Adam Pash is Senior Editor at

I couldn't pin him down to the best or most typical of the Lifehacker recommendations. It's a varied lot. Some recent tips highlight the latest changes in Google's free software pack, offer hints for saving energy used by your electronic products, and explain how to get airline flight information on your mobile phone.

But not all of it is tech related. The blogy recently ran tips about how to stop hiccups with sugar and how to fold cardboard to make furniture.

PASH: "Not every one is going to be for every person who reads the site. But the point is, we try to reach the broadest audience we possibly can with the best tips that we can."

And not just the editors' best tips; the site attracts plenty of user comments, too.

Now, there's a paradox here. The goal of Lifehacker is to help you save time and boost your productivity. But the site is so lively and entertaining, that you run the risk of (dare I say) wasting more time here than you might actually save. So to help you cut through the clutter, there's a search function and items are tagged with categories like "cell phone" or "community," and you can subscribe to RSS feeds for only the information you're interested in.

PASH: "We do our best to make sure that everything is quality for the broadest audience possible for Lifehacker, but at the same time we offer our readers a lot of different ways to slice and dice the material so they only get what they want."

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