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EU Hopes Wolfowitz Scandal Will Not Hurt Work with World Bank

The European Commission says it is concerned about the controversy surrounding World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and expressed hope it will not affect cooperation between the two bodies.

A spokesman says the EU Aid Commission is closely monitoring the situation.

Wolfowitz has vowed to stay on the job, after making a public apology Thursday. He admitted that he secured a substantial pay raise for his girlfriend Shaha Riza two years ago when she was assigned to leave the World Bank for outside work at the U.S. State Department.

In an unprecedented move, the bank's staff association has asked Wolfowitz to resign, saying he has damaged the bank's credibility.

Since taking office at the World Bank in 2005, Wolfowitz has focused on a drive against corruption. Critics say it is hypocritical for him to lecture developing countries about corruption while he is involved in a favoritism scandal.