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Papa Roach Not 'Spooked' By Success

"Our music is a direct reflection of where I am,” begins Shaddix. “That's why all our records sound different. It's cool, because I've met a lot of people on the road who say, 'Your music has saved my life', or 'I can really relate to songs like 'Broken Home,' or 'Scars’.' So, for me, even though it wasn't our intention when we set out to do it, that's just a gift, and I don't have any idea about how we got it and when we got it. But it is what we got, and we're just rolling with it. Our fans really connect with the honesty and the music."

Jacoby Shaddix says "The Paramour Sessions," the band's fourth commercial album and its second for Geffen Records, was recorded while the band stayed in an infamous Hollywood mansion.

"When we moved into this house, the owner came to us and said, 'I have to disclose that this house is haunted.' We were like, 'Whatever!' recalls Shaddix. “Over the course of writing, recording and living there for three months, we proceeded to have crazy experiences in that house. But I really don't think we would have done the same record if we had done it in a stale recording studio, just being inspired all the time by living together. That's why we have the record and hence the album, ' The Paramour Sessions.' It's named after the house."

The newly released single, "Forever", is another track from the best-selling album, "The Paramour Sessions."

“The song "Forever" was born from all of our lives; the chaos among our lives. This is pretty much a broken-hearted love song. It's like at the end of the day, no matter how bad you've tortured somebody, and you've drugged yourself to mud, though your addictions like that, days come and go. But my feelings for you are forever. That sentiment sums it up. You know what I'm saying?"

"Getting Away With Murder", the band's third album, was a big commercial success, something that Shaddix says eluded Papa Roach's prior effort.

"'Getting Away with Murder,' that was the record that brought us back to the spotlight and really got the media's attention and the fans' attention that this band is not going away; that this band is the real deal. We said it in the beginning and we said it at the end: that we are going to be here for a long time. We're not a 'flash in the pan' [briefly sensational] kind of band. We are career artists. That's our goal. We're four records deep now, and you know, things are going good, and I just feel it's a blessing, because a lot of bands that we came in with back in 2000 are no longer here, no longer making music, or no longer connecting with people through their music. It feels great to still be out here doing it and connecting."