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Kelly Clarkson Downplays Feud with Music Mogul Clive Davis

Kelly Clarkson says her feud with music mogul Clive Davis is overblown. Speaking last week to AP Television news, the 25-year-old singer said U.S. media exaggerated any disagreements she had with Davis, who oversees her record label, RCA.

Clarkson, who in 2002 won the first edition of American Idol, said "This record is no different from my other records. Every record I've come out with, people have not liked."

Davis reportedly disliked Clarkson's upcoming third album, My December, due in July.

"My whole goal is not just to sell millions of records," she said. "My whole goal is to have people like my music, come out to shows. That's basically it. I'm pretty low-key."