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Forum to Show Off Ghana's Investment Potential

The Ghana Investment Promotion Center, GIPC, will host a three-day international forum in Accra next week (May 21-23). The Chief Executive Officer of GIPC, Robert Ahomka Lindsey, said the forum had been planned for this year, the 50th anniversary of Ghanaian independence, so the nation would have a chance to show case its investment potential.

Local and international investors from the UK, US and Africa will be participating. They include the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat and the US group, the Rainbow Push Coalition. He said some areas they will be considering include the health, tourism and mining sectors, all of which are said to have great development potential.

“I have talked to some of my counterparts in places like Kenya, Zambia, South Africa and Nigeria," he said. "One of the things we want to encourage is business investment between our countries in Africa, and we have seen some very good responses. From South Africa, we have a number of businesses registering to come. From Nigeria, we have about 30 businesses coming in, and they will be setting up the Ghana Nigeria business forum.”

Delegates will discuss a number of issues including agriculture, tourism, industry, information and communications technology and mineral processing. Others talks will center on banking, finance and the banana industry. Mr. Lindsey said Ghana stands to gain from the conference in many ways.

“We are trying to encourage our local investors to be fully conversant with the opportunities here to grow. Secondly, we are looking for interested investors to join our local partners or come in themselves,” he said.