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Suicide Car Bomber Hits Iraq Police Post, 9 Killed

Iraqi security officials say a suicide car bomber has killed nine people and wounded 22 others at a police post in northwestern Iraq.

Officials say four policemen were among those killed in Thursday's attack in the town of Rabia near the Syrian border, about 90 kilometers west of Mosul.

In Baghdad, a car bomb killed four people near an Iraqi police checkpoint outside the mainly Shi'ite Sadr City neighborhood.

West of the capital, the U.S. military says two suicide car bombers killed four Iraqis, including three soldiers, and damaged two mosques in Abu Ghraib.

In the northern city of Mosul, gunmen killed a journalist working with the Aswat al-Iraq (Voices of Iraq) news agency.

Britain's Defense Ministry says a British soldier was shot and killed while on patrol northwest of Basra.

The U.S. military also announced Thursday that a roadside bomb killed an American soldier in Baghdad Wednesday. The military on Wednesday had announced the deaths of four other U.S. soldiers.

In other developments, the U.S. military said coalition forces detained 16 suspects in Sadr City believed to be members of a network that moves explosives from Iran into Iraq, and sends militants to Iran.

Near the western city of Fallujah and in Hit, coalition forces arrested 15 people during operations while targeting al-Qaida in Iraq. Another suspect believed involved in car bombings was arrested in a separate raid in Baghdad.