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Palestinian Mediators Meet with Lebanese Army as Bombardment of Militants Resumes

Palestinian negotiators have met with senior Lebanese military officials as the army resumed its bombardment of Islamist militants inside a Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli.

Lebanon's military intelligence chief General George Khoury held talks Wednesday with the Palestinian clerics to discuss a possible truce with the Fatah-al-Islam militants.

According to unnamed sources, the deal would include a ceasefire followed by the militants' disarmament.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army reports that it is making steady advances on the militants' positions on the periphery of the Nahr al-Bared camp. Lebanese artillery and tank barrages pounded suspected Fatah-al-Islam strongholds inside the camp, which the army is barred from entering.

More than one month of fighting at the northern Lebanon camp has killed at least 140 people, including at least 73 soldiers.

In other news, Arab League chief Amr Moussa met with Lebanese leaders in an attempt to heal a rift between pro- and anti-Syrian camps exacerbated by last week's assassination of a lawmaker critical of Damascus.