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Website of the Week — Technology Review


Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations. Our web guide is VOA's Art Chimes.

This week, it's the companion website to the print magazine Technology Review, a respected publication affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and featuring not just the contents of the magazine but a steady update of tech news.

PONTIN: "And by and large they analyze news about emerging technologies in areas we're interested in: nanotechnology, biotechnology, and of course computers."

Jason Pontin is editor in chief of He says the site attracts up to 700,000 unique visitors a month, including a range of early adopters and technology professionals.

PONTIN: "What all our audience has in common, however, is a passionate belief that the most important influence upon a company, an organization, a nation-state or even a person's life can be technology." hosts several blogs, and users can leave comments, which often produce extensive conversations around the online articles.

Pontin stresses that the site focuses on emerging technologies, rather than established technology on the one hand or pure science on the other.

PONTIN: "So we might talk about civil engineering technologies that Holland is using to prevent the worst excesses of global warming. Or we might talk about the most recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. I think what makes a truly unique site is both the variety of stories that we cover, but also that the focus needs to be emerging and new."

To do a better job of telling the story, is adding videos and a mobile version for phones and other handheld devices. There's also a new text-to-speech feature ...

SYNTHESIZED VOICE: "The increased use of peer-to-peer communications could improve the overall capacity of the Internet and make it run much more smoothly. That's the conclusion...."

A little example there. You can listen or download, or subscribe to the podcast. Another new technology at our tech-centric Website of the Week,, or get the link from our site,