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Thousands of Secrets revealed!

Nearly everyone has secrets, something that, for whatever reason, they have never shared with anyone. An artist in Washington, DC has created a project that allows people to anonymously share their secrets and learn the secrets of others. It is called PostSecret and allows people to reveal anything as long as it is true and has never been shared with anyone before. For producer Yi Suli, VOA's Elaine Lu has the story.

Would you share a secret with a stranger? Many share their secrets with one man. Frank Warren has collected more than 100,000 secrets from people all over the world.

Warren reads several anonymously sent in secrets. "All my life I want to look like Liz Taylor. Now Liz Taylor starts to look like me,” is one. "Guess what mom? My nipples are pierced and you are the only one who doesn't know," is another.

Warren started PostSecret as a community art project in November 2004. At first, Warren gave out postage-paid postcards on the street inviting people to send their secrets to him. Soon, people were sending homemade postcards on their own.

"These days I get between 100 and 200 postcards every day," says Warren.

Of those, 20 are published on the PostSecret website every week.

"What I am trying to do is pick those cards and those secrets that have a special ring of authenticity to me. And also select secrets that cover the full spectrum of human emotions. So every week I try to select one secret that is funny, or sexual, or joyful, or tragic, or philosophical, or confusing."

Cindy King likes the idea of sharing secrets anonymously. "I think if you tell your secret to PostSecret or through other postcard type ways, it still gets to stay as a secret because no one knows that it is you,” says King. “But if you went and told your mom, then they could tell everyone else. They would know exactly what your secret is. And that's you without a doubt."

"One of the biggest surprises for me is how beautiful the postcards are,” says Warren. “As you can see, people use photographs, pictures, diagrams to further express their secret."

Warren's secrets have led to several books and even inspired a hit song.