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Attacks on Mexican Gas Pipelines Cause Factory Shutdowns

A series of attacks on Mexico's natural gas pipelines has forced at least 12 major companies to suspend operations at their factories.

Honda, Kellogg, Nissan and other companies stopped production due to a lack of natural gas after at least three explosions at pipelines last week and on Tuesday.

The government has increased security around its energy facilities, and Mexico's gas monopoly Pemex (Petroleos Mexicanos) says it will restore service by Friday. Companies say they are losing millions of dollars a day in lost production.

A small leftist group, the People's Revolutionary Army claims responsibility for the attacks. It says on a website that similar acts of sabotage will continue until Mexico hands over the group's missing members. The Mexican government says it is not holding the individuals mentioned by the group.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.