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Britain Charges Third Person Linked to Terror Attacks

British authorities have charged a third man in connection with last month's failed car bombings in London and Glasgow, Scotland.

Police said Saturday they charged an Indian-born doctor, Sabeel Ahmed, 26, with having information that could prevent an act of terrorism. Ahmed's brother, Kafeel, remains hospitalized with severe burns suffered when he and another man allegedly rammed a vehicle packed with gasoline and gas canisters into Glasgow airport's main entrance.

Earlier today, Australian police charged Indian-born doctor Mohammed Haneef, 27, with providing "reckless" support to a terrorist organization allegedly behind the three failed bombings on June 29 and 30.

Haneef was the second person charged in connection with the failed attacks in London and Glasgow. He is reported to be a cousin of Kafeel and Sabeel Ahmed. Authorities say he shared a house in Liverpool with them for about two years.