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US Announces Capture of Iranian-Linked Militant in Iraq

The U.S. military in Iraq says coalition forces have captured a suspected terrorist with close ties to Iran's elite Quds force.

A military statement Friday said the suspect was detained in a raid Thursday near Baqubah, and that he allegedly facilitated the transport of weapons and personnel from Iran to Iraq.

The statement said the suspect also is believed to have facilitated the flow of sophisticated roadside bombs into Iraq from Iran to be used against coalition forces. The bombs - known as explosively formed projectiles or EFP's - can penetrate armor.

Iran has denied U.S. charges that it is providing weapons and training to Shi'ite militants in Iraq.

Iran and the U.S. discussed Iraq's security situation in May, during the highest-level talks between the two countries in nearly 30 years. Both sides have said they are ready for a second round of talks on Iraq.