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Britney Spears Caught on Film as She Scrapes Parked Car

Smile, Britney Spears - you're on camera.

Paparazzi swarmed the 25-year-old singer August 6, as she scraped a silver Mercedez-Benz while attempting to park her black convertible in Studio City, California.

After assessing the damage to her own car, Spears left to shop - leaving no note for the other driver. That driver, it turns out, is Kim Robard-Rifkin, a 59-year-old registered nurse who filed a police report on August 9.

Speaking two days earlier to the entertainment web site, Robard-Rifkin said nobody from Britney Spears' camp had contacted her about the damaged car.

"It's sad, because I was really hoping she'd step up and be a mensch, be a human being," she said. "It was simply like my car didn't matter to her, my inconvenience didn't matter to her."

A video on the web site shows Spears, puppy in her lap, unsuccessfully attempting to park her car.

Robard-Rifkin says "I'm not asking for money. I'm not asking for a new car. I simply want my car fixed, the same as I would fix somebody's car if I had done that."