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David Lee Roth to Rejoin Van Halen for Concert Series


David Lee Roth is rejoining hard rock favorites Van Halen for their first road trip together since 1985.

Speaking to reporters August 13 in Los Angeles, the 52-year-old Roth said "Usually, when a band comes back like us, it's rockers with walkers. This is anything but."

Van Halen held the press conference to announce a 25-date concert tour commencing September 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Joining Roth will be two other original members: guitarist Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex Van Halen on drums, along with Eddie's son Wolfgang on bass.

Fifty-two-year-old Eddie Van Halen, who earlier this year underwent rehab for unspecified reasons, said "It is totally blowing our minds and I think it will yours, too. It's better than it's ever been."

Roth and Van Halen said the band plans to tour Asia and Australia after completing the North American leg, with a new album also possible. Roth said Wolfgang, 16, brings "a young energy and a spirit" to the band. He added that the teenager chose the song's tour list, featuring "close to 25 of your greatest hits."

Roth said that the band has been rehearsing since October and plans to exceed fans' expectations.

"None of us want to give you less than our best," said Eddie Van Halen. "And we are at our best."