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Zimbabwe Ruling Party Militants Said To Force Burial Of Eviction Victim


Non-governmental sources in Harare said Monday that a woman who died in abject poverty two years after being driven from her home in the government's 2005 forced eviction and demolition operation was buried by Zimbabwean ruling party militants following the disruption of her attempted burial Saturday by activists.

The initially obscure death of Memory Jenaguru became a national issue after it was reported that she died last week in a rude shelter of cardboard and plastic.

Sources among non-governmental organizations said about nine young men seized Jenaguru's body and buried her somewhere in the Mabvuku-Tafara district.

Her relatives and neighbors were said to be to be in hiding after receiving threats from suspected state agents responding to media coverage of her death, which some activists presented as an indictment of the government of President Robert Mugabe.

Spokeswoman Mfundo Mlilo of the Combined Harare Residents Association told reporter Patience Rusere that the forced burial was politically motivated.

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