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'High School Musical's' Corbin Bleu Talks Career, Future

Corbin Bleu began his career at an early age as a model for major U.S. retailers and designer Tommy Hilfiger, later adding singing and dancing to his repertoire. Corbin rose to fame in the Disney Channel original movies "High School Musical" and "High School Musical 2." Earlier this year, Corbin released his debut album, Another Side. VOA's Larry London recently sat down with Corbin Bleu on tour.

Corbin Bleu is one of today's most popular performers for children around the world. An estimated 50 million fans saw him in the wildly-popular High School Musical films. Corbin never imagined the films would do so well, winning a Billboard Award, three Teen Choice Awards, and two Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Choreography.

"The whole phenomenon that it's becoming, and the Emmys, going to London and Australia, and the Billboard Awards, and now we've had a cross-country [U.S.] tour, and we toured in South America. Now I have my own album - and all this that has happened from it," said Bleu. "There was no way it could have been expected."

Corbin Bleu, who played a best-friend character named Chad in the High School Musical films, explains the messages on personal development the movies attempt to convey.

"Since the movie, we've grown up, and the audience has grown up," he says. "As a project it's continued to grow. So, you can see a little bit, I mean it still definitely has the same wholeness, and the same "positivity" as the first [High School Musical] had. But in [High School Musical 2], the musical is a little more modern, and the whole storyline, the message is, kind of, growing up and preparing for the future, while still not losing who you are and your own self-morals."

Although Corbin is only 18 years old, he has big career ambitions.

"I want to do everything. I would, truthfully, love to do another album," he says. "I would love to go do some features, and play very different characters, a whole different array of them. I would love to work (on) Broadway, and hopefully direct and produce, go on some more tours. I love everything."