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Maliki Calls on Nations to Support Iraqi Struggle Against Terrorism


Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is calling on other nations to help the Iraqi people in their struggle against terrorism.

In his address before the United Nations General Assembly Wednesday, Mr. Maliki said Iraqis look to the international community for help in reconstruction and debt relief.

The Iraqi prime minister said continuing terrorist attacks and instability in Iraq would only result in "disastrous consequences" for the world. He also said Iraqi officials are "optimistic" that Iraq's neighbors understand it is not in their interest for Iraq to be weak.

Mr. Maliki said national reconciliation in Iraq is the foundation for making political, social and economic progress. But he said there is still a long way to go to achieve a secure, stable and prosperous Iraq.

Following Mr. Maliki at the assembly, Cuba's foreign minister, Felipe Perez Roque, harshly criticized the United States and President Bush for policies that he said threaten and impoverish people around the world.