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Serbian, Kosovo Albanian Leaders Hold Talks on Province's Future

Top leaders of Serbia and Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority have held their first face-to face talks on the future of the Serbian province and agreed to meet again next month.

European Union mediator Wolfgang Ischinger told reporters in New York the next round will be held October 14 in Brussels.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority is demanding independence, a position Serbia rejects.

Russia, which holds a United Nations Security Council veto, insists that any solution have the support of both sides.

Diplomats representing the European Union, the United States and Russia are mediating the current round of negotiations, which is scheduled to conclude December 10.

Foreign ministers from the contact group countries, Britain, France, Germany, Italy Russia and the United States, overseeing the Kosovo situation Thursday urged the sides to seek common ground.

The United Nations has administered Kosovo since 1999, when NATO airstrikes drove Serbian and Yugoslav security forces from the province.